Sunday, May 27, 2012

Breaks are good!

So I'm back in the saddle! I haven't ran since before Las Vegas until today. So about 3-4 weeks ago. Wow. Luckily my body hasn't missed a beat. I could definitly keep my regular pace and then some, maintaining under a 12 min per mile pace for over a mile and under a 13 min per mile pace for warm up/ cool down. I have decided that I'm going to use Hal Higdon again for my Santa Rosa half. It's a program I'm fammiliar with and know works. I'm hoping to come in under 3 hours this time.

The reason for my break is twofold. First, I started a new job so I need to figure out when running is going to fit into my schedule. Second, I just stopped working overnights and the change has really messed with my body. I needed to get back into the habit of being a daywalker after being a nightowl for the past 3.5 years. The first week or so was hard, and with my health issues to compound everything I ended up spending a whole week just sleeping. Crazycakes. I feel halfway normal again after being at my new job now for a few weeks :D

As for diet I've been having a hard time coming up with some healthy choices that are also gluten free. The major issue is that I have to plan ahead. I'm not good at doing that. Although I did discover at the store across the street from work they have something called an "all day snack" that has the proper serving of fruits and veggies for the whole day. I like that option :D So I'm really trying here, it's going to take a minute though before I get it all down.