Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just an update of sorts

Just wanted to update my "fans". I've been going through a lot since conquering Tough Mudder. My personal life went to hell in a handbasket so I'm dealing with the whole depression thing.  Not to mention I have a very lovely fan who's been harassing me from her mother's facebook page. Pathetic? I think so. On top of that bullshit I had my fifth abdominal surgery in three years in December. For the record I've had 2 c-sections, 1 hysterectomy w/ bisingual oopherectomy, 1 gallbladder removal (appendix was done away with at this point, too), and now 2 diagnostic laproscopies. The first diagnostic lap was for ovarian cysts. The second (one I just had) was because my intestines were fused to my abdominal wall by scar tissue.So yeah, about 4 weeks now without being able to run and definitly more time than that with no motivation to do so. All of a sudden, knowing I can't, I want to run and move. So I've been taking walks but that doesn't disolve my need for speed.

Being a new year I'm planning on going big. I hope to be able to complete my first full marathon, and another Tough Mudder. I'll definitly be doing another half. I haven't decided which full I'm going to do. I know that I'll have to register early (like, in the next few weeks) If I want to do the Santa Rosa one, and by May for the Sacramento one. I may do the Bidwell classic half again, see if we can get under 3 hours this time :D Still having the whole issue of when and how, though, that came along with starting a normal job with normal hours. It's dark when I get up. It's dark when I get home. I need to renew my gym membership and do it so I can get the 24 hour access.... so much to do. So little motivation.