Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 1

So I decided to modify my goals a a bit: First, walk daily. Doesn't matter when. This morning I walked for a bit, then ran for a bit. It worked. Second, no daily pics. I will take pics once a week, though. So today was pretty good. I kept within my calorie alotment (if you're interested, I'm tracking on under fattymcrunnerpants... of course). I did have a slip up and ate some pasta salad but that's OK. Still come in pretty good. Oh and who knew spinach, carrots and PINAPPLE made such a wonderful smoothie? OMG "Lake Water" and Nutriblends is the shit. I had it after my intense cardio workout at the gym. Well, Cardio Kickboxing. Youch my legs hurt now. I didn't have too much of an issue keeping up aerobically wise but I as having a lot of difficulty with some of the moves. The extra gut flab is getting in the way. It needs to go. Now. So, plan for tomorrow: I have to go to the doctor's like 3 hours away however I am going to make time to go to the gym to hit the weights. Strength training tomorrow! Woot!

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