Sunday, April 27, 2014

Levothyroxin, Bloating, and other goodies

Since October I've had some pretty bad bloating. Just kind of a quick update. I started taking Levothyroxin last week and the doctor said I would be able to feel some of the good effects in about a week. I've already noticed I'm not quite as bloated as I was. Woot. I'm also feeling more energetic in the morning. I'm hoping this is a trend. I'm definitely a long way from where I was and where I want to be, but this is an ongoing life journey... and I think I'll be fine with it. I can actually take my ring off easyish now which is amazing, normally I'd have to pull.. Now hopefully the double chin and facial bloating is next. I have the very obvious "moon" face that is a signature of hypothyroidism. It's funny I can deal with being fat but I don't like it when my face is round :( Maybe a waddle tomorrow? We'll see. One day at a time here.


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