Saturday, July 12, 2014

Couch to 5k part deux

When I first started running again after I had Maggie, I used cool running's couch to 5k program to jump off. I started that again today since I haven't been walking enough to really start any other program comfortably. I'm trying to start this slowly as I'm afraid I'll have a pain flare up if I push too hard. So now, an hour after my first day, I already know I'm going to be in pain later. I went ahead and took some ibuprofen in hopes to stave off some of it so that I can go swimming and be active today. I'm really afraid, though, to commit to any  events right now. I really want to actually race again but I'm going to wait until I'm closer to running regularly before I sign up.

Little update on my health: I've been taking my thyroid meds for about a month and a half now. I'm seeing good things such as being less fatigued in the AM, not falling asleep at my desk, etc. My bloating has gone down quite a bit and I have a lot less of a round face now. I've lost some weight but I'm not holding my breath that it stays off. It always seems to go that way, lose 10lbs, gain it back, lose it, gain it back. Fact is, I have a lot of weight to lose to feel normal again. it may or may not happen. Such is my life.

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