Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pre Race Jitters

So on Saturday I will do my second 5k in almost 2 years. This time, though, my spawn will not be with me. This means it's all me. I don't really have a clue as to how quickly I will be able to get it done but I'm anxious to see where my base is at this moment. I'm remembering my first 5k ever right now. I had flown to Ohio to see my family and attend an alumni dinner held at my alma mater. My uncles were going to run this race too, the Susan G. Komen race for the cure. I trained for 5 months for that race. FIVE! I had been recovering from one of the many surgeries that I've had and really just set my mind on it that I wanted to run. You see, prior to having my second baby I had lost 80lbs by dieting and running. Right before I got pregnant I had been training for a marathon but I hadn't ran any races yet. Somehow I had it in my head that I could do it. I probably could have too LOL.

Anyway, I trained with my son in a stroller and I was so beyond excited. I laid my clothes out the night before made sure my number was on just so. Then: I  couldn't sleep! Like at all! The race was to start early and I had to meet up with my uncles who were staying in a hotel downtown. My good friend, Ryan, picked me up and we drove together over there. Ryan has a thing for photography and he wanted to take pictures of the race. My uncles probably thought I was nuts or na├»ve or something. IDK I was almost bouncing off the walls I was so excited to run with people for the first time. My uncles were very chill. Both are long time runners and my Uncle Brian ran the Boston Marathon.

Now my Uncle Brian (who is also my Godfather)... well let's just say he was the most positive male influence in my life. Although we're not like close I've always looked up to him. He always has been encouraging and really was supportive of my choice to go to college. I knew he was a runner prior to deciding to run myself and I think that's where I probably got my idea to try it. He always has seemed to have so much fun. My Uncle Chris too, I've always felt comfortable asking running advice from both of them and it was my Uncle Chris who turned me onto Hal Higdon's running plans. I guess sometimes running helps me feel connected to family being so far from them.

So Uncle Brian gave me a big hug before we started and just knowing that I had that support there meant the world to me. After I was so happy I finished in less than 40 minutes I could have jumped out of my skin. My uncles then took us to Gordon Beirch for a celebratory lunch. Then proceeded to tease me because I drank just a leeeetle bit too much beer. I think liking alcohol runs in the family too HA!

On Saturday I'll be thinking of my uncles and of Ohio. I'm excited to know that I will finish this. I will lay out my running attire the night before, make sure my hair is fixed just so and run my heart out. This is what I love to do. Running makes me me.

Ryan and me:

Uncle Brian, Uncle Chris and one of the other Team Perez members:

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