Friday, July 18, 2014

Holy Crap, I finished Week One!

You read that right, I finished week one of C25k! I'm so happy I could cry. In the past few months it's really been hard to commit to anything or any program so I'm going to celebrate this small success. My second run was on Wednesday and my little Will came with me. He was bitching after half a mile but we ended up doing a mile and a half together in 30 mins. I have a hard time getting up super early in the mornings for the dreadmill so I waited until after work for Wednesday's run. Amazingly, I did not have a flare  up like I did on Saturday's run! You have no clue how happy that made me. I didn't even get a dehydration headache. While the results from today's run won't be apparent  until tomorrow I can happily say I haven't had a flare up so far from today either. I work up around 11 and immediately went for a run. I felt awesome. So awesome. Beyond awesome, really. But when I got home I sort of collapsed. Took me a min to get back up but I didn't really feel it while I was out. I did 1.75 miles in 30 minutes! I've decided that on my Sunday run I'm going to do 2 mile regardless of the time. So far on these runs I've been taking a pretty flat course. The plus about being a long time just starting again runner is that I know almost exactly how long any particular route is. I think on Sunday to add the extra miles I'll do a moderate uphill course. When I was training for my half I used a mix of hills and flat. My one gripe right now is that the "new lap" button on my Garmin is sticking. It's making me mad. I like to rest between walking/ running to get an idea of what my current pace is. I guess I'm anal like that. I hope I can fix it but I'm not sure if it's an internal thing or if some gunk got in there? going to have to check that tomorrow.

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