Monday, February 16, 2015

Me and My Bright Ideas

So here's a regularly irregular update. On October 19th my inexperience in riding horses shown right through when my horse spooked and took off across an open field. She had decided she was going back to her pen with or without me. Much as I tried to rein her in, she wouldn't be deterred. She got up to about 30mph before I lost the grip on her mane and fell. Lucky for me, I know how to fall or my injuries would be much worse. Double lucky for me, Rick was right there. So, he saw me fall and was able to get me to the hospital quickly. I obliterated my wrist, dislocated my elbow, and had a bone bruise on my left hip. I spent a week in the hospital, then took several weeks off of work to recover. I am still not 100% with my wrist and am in physical therapy. I started back to work the beginning of January and am just now feeling up to doing anything physical again. The plus in all of this is my pain is pretty much under control.

I've started walking again, and acquired a fit bit (came free with my phone). I've been hitting my 7,000 step a day goal this week which, YAY! I am also happy to report that, even with the accident, I have lost a total of 30lbs now :D I've decided that I am going to run again. I did a nice little run today of jogging/ walking. 3.21 miles in about 55 mins, that's a 17 min/ mile pace There's a race on April 11th that I've decided to participate in. OK- short term goal, complete this 5k with at least a 15 min/ mile pace. Think I can do it? Yes I can!

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