Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I was looking through my old photobucket account recently and came across a photo that just took me back in time. It was a selfie that I took while training for Tough Mudder. I snapped it on the Shakota Trail, a lakeside trail that has plenty of hills and a spectacular view. I don't trail run often due to the fact that I run alone, but this time I had made an exception. In the picture I don't look particularly winded or "athletic" but I look like I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.  Happy to be outside, enjoying nature, and running to my heart's content. This was a few months prior to the point my body rebelled on me, before I really just started hated the process of even living. You see, running is my medicine. When I couldn't run anymore my joy was taken from me. I've been a runner for about 6 years in total, only stopping when I could physically no longer do it. One of the good things about my accident is that we were finally able to bring my pain under control and completely balanced my thyroid out.

I woke up one morning about a week and a half ago and really just felt wonderful. I laced up my shoes for the first time in months and took Will out for a nice walk. We ended up running part of the way and I felt so alive then. There's a ritual to the run. The getting on of the clothes, the lacing of the shoes, the setting of the music. Even the run itself, the warm up, the running, the beat of my feet, my pony tail swishing on my back. It's just... heaven. I really want to go balls to the walls this running season. Get myself back to where I was and really live it up again. So, in honor of that mindset I've registered for my first 5k of 2015. It's time to take some more happy selfies while doing what I love. It's time to live again.

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