Wednesday, October 28, 2015

FAQs or How Running Saved My Life

It's occurred to me that my life literally revolves around running... even when I'm not. It's not an obsession, really. Nor is it something I talk endlessly about but it's always there. In the back of my mind so... on to the FAQs!

Question: Why did you start running?

Answer: I was into running on the treadmill as a warm up for weights. When I was on vacation with my son without access to a gym, I started running with him in his stroller (he was about 2 at the time). It just stuck as something easy to do without leaving him behind. He loved running with me. Now, my daughter didn't so I still ran with him even after she was born. I'd switch kids but I wouldn't do a double stroller since Will was 3 when she was born so it wasn't worth the money for a stroller I'd only use for a year or so. I did end up being gifted a double jogger that was tandem instead of side by side but I ended up donating it to someone who had triplets since Maggie HATED running the first year or so of her life. I should do a "running with a stroller" blog soon as I see so many people doing it in an unsafe manner... with newborns. Yikes. Prior to becoming sick with thyroid and uterine diseases running helped me lose the baby weight and then some!

Question: You're so big... doesn't it bother your knees?

Answer: NOPE! I listen to my body. I have chronic pain, but my knees aren't the problem! I invest in good shoes and change them often. I suggest anyone who wants to run get fitted at a running store.

Question: How is it that you're "healthy"? You're fat... you can't be healthy too. It's just not possible.

Answer: Obesity is a risk factor, just like any other risk factor, like smoking or having a parent with heart disease. Running and eating right helps mitigate the risk factor that obesity brings. Being fat does not mean that someone will automatically develop obesity related diseases. Inherently because I have chronic disease (early menopause, Hashimoto's, chronic pain) I am not healthy. However my blood sugar is great, my blood pressure is wonderfully low, and I usually have energy to do what needs to be done. If it weren't for other chronic illness I wouldn't have a problem. I also probably wouldn't be Fatty but that's not the point. The point is that because of my running I've become aware of my body and know what works for it. During the time I was being diagnosed with a thyroid issue, I kept a food log to insure I was getting the proper nutrients for Tough Mudder. My doctor had the audacity to tell me I had gained 60lbs in 3 months because I was overeating and lazy. So I whipped out my log. That's when he went and did the additional tests. That's when they found the tumor. And 2 years ago this week I had part of my thyroid removed. Running has given me the incentive to make sure all parts of my body are taken care of and advocate for myself when they are not. I go through the same routine with almost every doctor I see. It's exhausting. The last specialist I saw just basically said whatevs, just live with it. So I said whatevs, I'll find a new specialist. Ha. Bitch.

Anyway, the fact is that because I run and eat right I do NOT have diabetes. I do NOT have heart disease. My blood pressure gets checked once a month and last month it was 108/60. Do you know how fucking awesome that is? I can push through and work full time/ get done what needs to be done.This is directly attributable to my lifestyle. This is directly because I run!

Question: Speaking of Tough  Mudder, why are you always wearing that shirt?!

Answer: Wearing my TM shirt gives me hope. TM was over 10 miles long and required a lot of stamina. It reminds me of what I'm capable of doing. It lets me know it's going to be OK and that I can push through it all. When I wear the shirt I remember how strong I am and how far I've come. It reminds me I'm not a stereotype. It tells me I have to keep going. And so I do.

Don't forget to check out my tabs at the top, I've done two events since my last post. Including one where I placed. So check it out ;)

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