Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Post Surgery Wrap Up

It has been two weeks since I had part of my thyroid taken out, as well as an offending tumor that the doctor suspected to be cancerous. My surgeon stated that he felt he got everything out and is not recommending further treatment at this time! Hopefully that will be done with that. Since surgery I have felt fantastic. My mom always complains that I do not give myself time to heal, but who can rest when they feel so energetic? This week I have walked/ ran twice, and Zumba'd my butt off yesterday. I'm hoping that this burst of energy lasts. I don't really feel a thing right now in my neck. I am still, however, attempting to get treatment for the large amount of adhesions in my stomach. I have been seeking treatment for them for a YEAR now. No one has a logical conclusion other than to cut into me yet again. At this point I am done seeking a cure and more into seeking to be able to function. I received a referral last week to a pain management clinic. It sometimes is so hard to move around. Getting out of bed can be especially painful lately. I can feel the pulling and tugging of things just not moving right and, frankly, it sucks ass. I have decided in part to suck it up until relief arrives. I plan to give myself some time and then perhaps sign up for another race. I miss running so much. The last couple days that I've exercised I've felt so much better, so much closer to myself. We'll see how things go. Hope that everything straightens itself out now.

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