Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Ray Of Hope

So... I had my consult with the pain specialist on Wednesday. He prescribed some Lidocaine patches and Neurontin for regular use then Norco for breakthrough pain. I started treatment on Friday. Saturday was the first day in 2 years I have not had a constant nagging feeling in my stomach. I have hope now. The Neurontin is making me sluggish but Dr. said that would wear off with regular use. Without pain I feel better. When I feel better I may be able to actually exercise hard core again. Fingers crossed I will be up and at 'em by January. I'm hoping against hope that this is the last of the revolving doctor door. I'm ready to be myself again. I'm ready to be able to run without pain again. Ready to be more active for my babies. Ready to live. Really live.

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