Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Problem With Being Fit and Fat

Is that people can't stand it. They can't stand it when you are confident enough in yourself to announce "I'm a fatass and I love myself!" There have been a few key people in my life who have projected nothing but negitivity at me. I wonder if they realize that the negitivity stokes my flame and makes me that much tougher. That it keeps me going and feeds my energy to keep doing what I'm doing. Does it bother me when I'm called names? Absoloutly. But it inspires me to continue to prove people wrong. It doesn't take a genius that you can't run a half marathon and not train. That you can't have the energy to work out if you're eating like complete crap. I'm an open book here. I will answer any question honestly. Those who refuse to recognize this only make themselves look stupid. Just do me a favor, have the ovaries to say it to my face. When you talk behind my back, all you do is show that you're a coward because you already know you're wrong, especially when I've already confronted you about your bitchassness.

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