Thursday, April 5, 2012

Your Kids Watch You

Seriously, they do. My son is almost five and he wants to do everything that I do. Today it was leg stretches. I use a strengthening band to stretch my legs out so they're not so tight and he wanted to do the stretches right on with me. It was so cute. But it got me thinking: if he's watching me do this what else is he watching me do? Children are great mimics. I so wish for my son and daughter a healthy lifestyle. I am careful of what I eat, I hope that they are too when they get older. I exercise almost every day, I hope they pick that up.

As an adult it is so hard to change what you grew up with. In my case a mostly sedentary lifestyle. After high school I continued with that mostly sedentary lifestyle and blew up fast. I recently found some photos of myself and they're not pretty. I look so bloated and I know I didn't feel well at all. I'd huff and puff just going up the stairs. I don't want that for my children. What originally inspired me to lose weight and get active was William. After I had him I was around 220lbs. I was sluggish, would tire and get out of breath easily and I couldn't play with him. When I started feeding him solids I took a look at my diet and thought "I don't want him eating this crap so why am I?" So I changed, for him. So he'd have a mommy who could run and play with him. So he'd have a mommy who was healthy. And now I still do it for him, so he'll see that mommy is active and he should be too.

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