Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another day of rest

Tuesday = a day of rest. Well, at least from exercise. I went to the children's museum in San Jose with my two kidletts and a wonderful mommy friend of mine. I think I got more of a workout chasing them around and driving 8 hours round trip. I reflected a bit on my running and my nutrtition during this trip. While on the surface it only benifits myself, I realize that my children are picking up my habits and I want them to be good ones. Drinking water, eating healthy-ish, and being active are things I want for them. Sometimes I feel as though I had to change my whole self to fit in an active lifestyle because while my mom sure did try it wasn't something that was a "normal" part of my life growing up. Junk food was a norm, lazy days were a norm, "easy" food... Don't get me wrong my mom put us in gymnasitcs and during my senior year we even worked out at the gym together but I feel that perhaps the emphasis was not on making it a lifestyle but rather exercise was only for weight loss and nothing else. I overheard my mom tell my gymnasitcs (btw, I freakin' sucked at gymnastics!) coach that she noticed I was losing weight. It made me feel as though that was the only benifit.

I hope my kids know that exercise is for fun too, as part of an overall lifestyle of healthy living. We'll see. I'm not perfect. I feed my kids nuggets some days ;)

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