Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Easy Run

2 miles today! I felt awesome the whole time and I incorporated hills into it. The back of my knee hurts a bit now but I'm glad that I went. I also managed to get a blister on top of the blister on my big toe. Yay me. I'm trying to change up my eating habits and make them better too now. Cut the carbs a bit, increase protein, etc. I really want to be back down to a size 8 by summer. I'm a 12 ish now (depending on the cut a 14). So I bought a food scale and a real scale and am going to try to be more vigilant about my diet.

No Zumba tomorrow :( Going to be out of town but I did find someone, well two someones who may be good workout partners. One of them is doing Tough Mudder on my gym's team and she said I could join her and her friend during their morning workouts. I'm really looking forward to exercising with them tomorrow.

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