Sunday, March 25, 2012

Harder... Faster... Stronger...

Great run today. It was still quite wet so I didn't go to the playground. But I will this week. So I completed week 1. I think I'm going to skip to week 3 or 4 because I felt quite strong after the typical pain ended. You see I get pain in my legs up until the 3rd mile or so and then it stops and I can go on pretty strong. Today it only lasted until, perhaps, the first mile. After that I felt great and even bumped up my "cruising" speed a bit. I'm getting faster on the shorter runs. I'm sure my soon for a 5k I'll come in under 35 mins. My goal eventually will be sub 30. That'd be sweet.

I'm going to start taking my son on my walks because the next race I do there's a kiddie race. It's a 1/2 k. The plan will be that I will take Maggie along in the stroller for the 5k race. Will's excited so I want to make sure he can do it competitively.

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