Thursday, March 22, 2012

I... Was... Run-ing

Seriously, though. Maybe I just needed to be back on a program but my running legs have returned to me. Sweet baby Jesus I was running at a good pace too! Started Jeff Galloway's 10k plan yesterday. It called for a 20-25 min run. I'm not going to lie I psyched myself out by telling myself I was a pussy if I couldn't complete it (Yep, called myself a cat). So I set Bunny, my beloved Garmin watch, and went off. I reset her after my walking warm up was complete and told myself "20 mins, I can do this". And I did. And that was that. Awesome. Good pace, did a little over 1.5 miles at a 12 min/ mile pace. That's about a minute slower than my race pace so I'm on track. YAY.

I can't tell you how beyond happy I was to not have to walk any of it. This week's cross training is Zumba. The lady at the Zumba studio actually had a nice conversation with me about my diet. It was so nice to have someone sit down with me and comb over everything. She suggested "shocking" my system by changing everything. So I have. And it's "worked" I've noticed quite a bit of water weight coming off. Although I'm focused more on health than size it's nice to see that there are always areas where I can improve.

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